About Me

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I am a software developer, currently working for Amazon on design and development of a multi-tenant retail web platform, which gives businesses the ability to showcase and cross-promote content on Amazon.com with minimal engineering investment.

I received my M.S degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where I was aAcademic Researcherand was advised byDr. Riley EdwardandProf. Yu Qian. After graduation, I became a structural / software engineer atSaiful BouquetandWalter P Mooreprior to joiningAmazon.

As a software developer, I love building innovative and intuitive applications that bring essential values to the customers and are fun to play with. I also enjoy developing software to improve efficiency and productivity, and to resolve practical problems.

As a former structural engineer, I have designed Hospitals, Airports, Colleges, Parking Garages, Pedestrian Bridges that made of steel and/or reinforced concrete. It is a special feeling to be in the field and witness my design come to life.

When I was a railroad reseracher at UIUC, I performed researches to eliminate cracks within bolted rail joints by establishing a parametric study of static and dynamic finite element simulations and fatigue analysis, thus improve railroad safety. I have published 3 journal articles (2 out of 3 as first author) and 2 conference papers (1 out of 2 as first author), and made presentations and poster sessions at multiple conferences.

Publications(Google Scholar)

Journal Articles

  • Yin, H., Qian, Y., Edwards, J.R. andZhu, K.(2018) Investigation of relationship between train speed and bolted rail joint fatigue life using finite element analysis.Transportation Research Record, 2672(10), pp.85-95.

  • Zhu, K., Qian, Y., Edwards, J.R. and Andrawes, B.O. (2017) Finite element analysis of rail-end bolt hole and fillet stress on bolted rail joints.Transportation Research Record, 2607(1), pp.33-42.Full-text

  • Zhu, K., Edwards, J.R., Qian, Y. and Andrawes, B.O. (2016) Finite element analysis of the effects of bolt condition on bolted rail joint stresses.Transportation Research Record, 2545(1), pp.36-45.Full-text

Conference Proceedings

  • Qian, Y.,Zhu, K., de Oliveira Lima, A., Dersch, M.S. and Edwards, J.R. (2018) Comparison of Under Ballast Mat Performance With Different Support Conditions Through Laboratory Experiment and Numerical Simulation. InASME/IEEE Joint Rail Conference(Vol. 50978, p. V001T01A008). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

  • Zhu, K., Edwards, J.R., Qian, Y. and Andrawes, B.O. (2016) Fatigue Analysis of Rail-Head-to-Web Fillet at Bolted Rail Joint Under Various Impact Wheel Load Factors and Support Configurations. InASME/IEEE Joint Rail Conference(Vol. 49675, p. V001T01A029). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.Full-text

I like

  • Bouldering
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Basketball
  • Travelling
  • Photography
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Light Music
  • Watching good movies